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Theoretically, you can prove all - but what first?

June 14, 2016
Euphoria - Operation: Genesis

The bell, the sound of wind, rain, claps of thunder - that's the Intro of instrumental storms, which create guitar shimmering tints by their own!
Euphoria (USA) - Operation: Genesis was started - hide out if you can't hels its progress!
Guitars shaky start to expound Theoretical Conception to all of us, sharply fast in versus, theoretically substantiated in bridges and choruses.
Tying a dispute with the first riffs, Primordial Dominance accelerete and calm down a lot of times to variate that discussions.When the lecturer starts to present the material, the accompaniment stops at an average pace of its support for the presentation, so as not to interfere with listening and debate about heard theories and concepts.
But - thoughtfulness and reasonableness are left behind, reigned Cyberschizophrenia at top of all minds. There's no use to try to overcome it! It's everywhere around us!!! Oh, it's fearless and that's awful! Watchtower demands attention, scanning the surrounding area without any skipping to the smallest detail. Carefully, attentively, accurately and deliberately examine the district! Ragged, unhurried rhythm of search and extermination of the Parasite lasts during entire song, moving in short spurts, not hastening its path.
Thorned rush give time to decide to move faster because of the Aftershock The Act of War hasten for a bit, but ends in jerks and rupture.
The melodic beginning attracts its sublime figure, Black Dawn reveals its dark expanses, but riff from the entry penetrates like powerful light beam all darkness and all the dark spaces.
After the reign of dark melodies and lyrical relaxing emissions The Andromeda Effect starts to rush furious calm it by melodical bridge. And spurt in the next verse - that calmed down by instrumental part. Maybe rage and fury have to be calmed?
Outro completes these scientific discussions by weird sound - the source of which has not yet investigated ...