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The worlds collides in a single ride

September 25, 2016
Stormtide - Wrath Of An Empire

No use to take Stormtide - Wrath Of An Empire - don't try to stand on a blade of tide, let's go for the ride!
The wind howling ceases with powerful riff that combines fury of the evil and symphonic in its sound, keyboard passages, which will carry the main motif on the background, hover over it in title song Wrath Of An Empire, it should be noted - that the sound of this and other compositions combines motives of northern people, Celtic melodies and oriental folklore!
Unhurried start in northern motives of the As Two Worlds Collide composition that describes the mentioned above. Again, the main motive is lofty, led by keyboards with frequent solo guitars support, which soaring over the another tunes.
Vocals immediately begins the story of its history, growling monologue opens Dawnsinger, further vocal dominates the powerful and fierce ballad, which also joined the northern and eastern motives. Melodious instrumental part combines guitars, keyboards and horns directs song to completion. And it ends with rigging creak and clatter and the cries of seagulls.
Saga Conquer The Straits combines the narrative elements of its persistent fierce anger, epic melancholy and inclined to folklore of northern peoples, what brings a background motif of brass horns.
Acoustic strings and transcendental keyboard motive starts the story of the Sage Of Stars, then romantic vocals growl leads his narrative, the track interspersed with pieces of ballad with screaming, followed by the rhythmic countdown drums and melodic instrumental passages and romantic growling draws a line.
Romantic and pathetically begins an epic ballad A Heroes Legacy, after this epic intro follows a muffled monologue, introducing epic symphony that restores memories of legendary heroes and their deeds, and the saga of these tales for the children living in eternity firmly and permanently.
The sound of hooves and ringing of horse-drawn carriage equipment combined with a fiddle motive in intro of the Ride To Ruin, then travel to the ruins continues in the chopped and ragged rhythm, sublime horns and keyboards, and choral chants are between verses.
Epic romance stands at the head of the narrative in Ascension, vocalsvocals tells story rhythmically and persistently, keyboards passages soar in the sky, outlining the main motive and without interfering with the stubbornness of the narrator. In the middle the sound of bells and of rain gives respite for the epic chronicle, which continues after a short break 'till the end.
The Green Duck in this story clearly prevail oriental folk motifs, completing this artwork - mixing folk traditions album.