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The wolf can hide in each of us

April 10, 2019
Nightrage - Wolf To Man

The guitar solo in the intro Starless Night of the composition is fascinating epic melody - as if lifts into a fabulous expanse. Then, before the vocal enters, the music explodes in a wave of drive, retaining, however, an epic melody in the choruses.
Title track continues the Nightrage - Wolf To Man album, combining the furious drive of the couplets and the epicity of the instrumental passages and the enchanting mystery of the chorus, which also embodies the intro guitar solo.
Rapid musical passages rampantly develop the narrative tape, vocal phrases introduce anxiety and feelings, rising in an incredibly melodic Embrace The Nightrage chorus burst.
Immediately enveloping the motifs with the covers of an enchanting melody Desensitized begins the vocal part with muffled reflections, then he lifts the covers of melodism up.
The stubborn and harsh waves of the God Forbid main motive rolls unrestrained trends, the vocals complement them with angry yells of screaming with growling. By Darkness Drawn introduces the alternation of charming melody with an intriguing twilight that takes to the expanses of impetuous drive. But in the chorus the melodious passages comes to the fore. The Damned as if continues the previous composition, additionally injects shades of experiences and anticipations of anxiety, enveloping the atmosphere of gloomy experiences with vocal phrases. In the chorus, the vocal part is complemented by a certain touch of modernism.
The harsh waves of the mid-tempo drive are intertwined with ribbons of melodic appeals, introducing romantic verses in a verse with vocal phrases, but again forcing the majestic waves of the intro in the Arm Aim Kill chorus.
In the Gemini introduction, chorus and instrumental bridges, the brewing whirlwinds of melodism fascinate, rushing through the couplets by mid-tempo whirlwinds of reflections.
Beginning with acoustic romance Disconnecting The Dots further develops these motifs into a mid-tempo composition bordering a ballad with a mid-tempo solemn anthem. Preserving the melodic charm of, Escape Route Insertion continues the mid-tempo reflections with waves of inspiration, deducing vocal phrases intertwined with charming guitar passages on the leading edge of a musical image. The album concludes with a fascinating unification of acoustic guitar passages with electric guitar melody, which only complements the Lytrosis (Instrumental) charm.