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The weaver of thoughts and reflections weaves unexpected laces

July 19, 2020
Course Of Fate - Mindweaver

Sad There Is Someone Watching confession begin with a wistful confession of a haggard vocal monologue. The muted motifs of the previous composition develop in the lace of progressive artistry, embodying the true musical essence of the Course Of Fate - Mindweaver album in the first section of the The Faceless Men, Pt. I dilogy.
Weaving the sparkling covers of musical improvisations of guitar and keyboard parts around a progressively broken rhythm, the Endgame at first walks with a vocal part with an uncertain gait, but then with inspiration, raising the banners of hopeful valor with vocal emotions. Beginning with a soft and gentle sound, the Utopia retains this charm of musical melody, at times hardening the vocals to an angry rage.
The gentle acoustic melody of The Walls Are Closing In instrumental romance creates a mood of inspired relaxation, continuing with persistent waves of the Wolves harsh drive that prefers the power of speed and wrapping the vocal narration in whirlwinds of guitar melody, enveloping the keyboard passages with artistry. The mesmerizing artistry of the Drifting Away leisurely sophisticated ballad envelops in romantic influences and echoes of forgotten memories, complementing the inspired musical narration with a bewitchingly soft vocal duet.
The second and last part of the dilogy The Faceless Men, Pt. II ends the album with epic motifs, as if invoking mystical spirits and forgotten ghosts from oblivion, supplementing these mystical revelations with progressive artistry of musical variations.