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The ways of gaining immortality are still unknown

July 05, 2020
Voices of Ruin (USA) - Path To Immortality

The mysterious Other Side symphony begins the release with a muffled intrigue and bewitching melody, acting as the introduction to the explosion of the drive of the Carved Out unrestrained musical thriller, intertwining vocal and musical swiftness and fury in a single musical stream. The title track continues the Voices of Ruin (USA) - Path To Immortality album with a solemn procession of the epic anthem, somewhat accelerating the pace of the musical narrative with the introduction of vocals that hardened growling.
Fascinating with an epic guitar solo of intro, the Suffering Silence then combines the power of a drive with the charm of an inspiring melody. Exploding with a furious whirlwind of drive Reach Toward The Sky precedes the introduction of vocals by a melodic symphony, but then again returning to the gloomy whirlwinds of unbridled anger. Captivating attention with an incredibly hit main motive I Am God then crowns its sound with the significance of emotional growling.
Instrumental composition Into The Aether captivates with bewitching melody, ending with an acoustic guitar solo. Continuing the melody of the previous composition in the leisurely development of the introduction, the Whispers then crowns the musical image with vocal emotions. Piercing melodic thoughts with the unrestrained swiftness of the musical thriller The Undoing song, however, retains the shades of melodic charm. Rethinking the Everlong (Foo Fighters cover) song of the legendary band completes the album with the unity of musical styles and times.