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The way for black swan to arise

December 28, 2021
Secret Rule - Mea Culpa

Music and vocals combined with the tenderness of the singing lady's tunes and the modernist unity of musical styles begin the musical narrative of the Secret Rule - Mea Culpa album with the sound of the Blunder song, in which, as in the following, the male vocals complement the main female vocals with brief echoes of support, becoming less important in the thickened, fierce and accelerated drive of the A New War composition.
The twilight mystery of the Black Swan romantic ballad envelops the gentle and brooding doubts of the singing lady with a veil of mystery and hidden enigmas. The Born This Way composition brings the female vocals to the forefront, as if a lady orator calls for the overthrow of the existing system and creates a rebellious and revolutionary mood.
The sensuality of the Whore confessions and revelations calls for attention, understanding, and empathy. The King Has Fallen song's music combines power of heavy metal drive in a teasing whirlwind of mesmerizing dance music and vocals. The Welcome To Hell immediately voices its name and envelops a dark atmosphere of mystical echoes with a futuristic arrangement of the musical sound.
Bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, the Lost track diversifies it even with recitative, indicating the great role of popular music and futuristic electronic impulses in the sound of the Mother Earth final track of the album.