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The war has begun... we are all waiting for its completion ... with the right end!

September 05, 2023
Perpetual Warfare - The Age Of War

At the sound of the Intro, an intriguing mystery arises, anticipating the combative tread and belligerent sound of the Terminator Seed composition, whirling with a fierce whirlwind of a fighting dance, in anticipation of a similar sound in the furious whirlwind of the title track of the Perpetual Warfare - The Age Of War album, whirling with a bright whirlwind of a guitar solo.
The pensive intrigue of the introduction anticipates the further artistic guitar solo, after which the music and vocals of the Showbixxx song tear the veil to shreds, anticipating the enchanting thoughts of the Dehumanized (But We Still Have To Fight) romantic ballad and the fierce drive of the Colapso Mortal composition.
The mysterious mixing and enchanting artistry of the Zoociedad musical saga combine the battle march, bardic tales and echoes of medieval fairy tales in their sound, anticipating such unity in the musical artistry of the Cleptocracia composition, crowned with the enchanting charm of the hyatra solo introduction. Distant winds appeal to the echoes of the epic tales of the past, combining the fierce guitar passages with the violent vocal rebelliousness of the 4:20 composition.
The furious Otro Cadaver Mas musical thriller sweeps away any resistance, after the sound of the start of motorcycles, continuing with a furious drive of the Thrash Is Speed composition, again returning to the deadly dance of musical unity in the Noche violenta song and concluding the album with a rethinking of the The Age of War (Dibu Mix) title track.