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The waltz of music and vocals is incredible!

August 23, 2020
Elnaz - Flowers Under The Midnight Sun (EP)

The muffled intrigue of the In Darkness I Dwell musical reflections is complemented by unhurried vocal phrases, which sometimes appear as a muffled whisper with a chime of acoustic guitar strings and background keyboard passages, creating an atmosphere of obscure mystery and mysterious mystical essence of the surrounding world. The Elnaz - Flowers Under The Midnight Sun (EP) album continues the sound of rain and the When The Rain Falls romantic guitar solo that enchants with symphonic sublimity against the backdrop of prolonged bad weather.
Developing the motives of the previous compositions into a mid-tempo procession of restrained drive the The Twilight That Warms transforms the vocal part into a combination of screaming and growling, complementing the musical image with background keyboard suites and complementing the sound of the compositions with symphonies of instrumental bridges.
Once again, the sound of rain and bad weather returns the When I Wither track's atmosphere of sophisticated thoughts, complementing this twilight symphony of piano solo and keyboard artistry, completing this release with the When The Sun Sets acoustic guitar solo, creating a romantic mystery ... and ending unexpectedly.