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The veils of fantasy and imagination never cease to amaze

February 16, 2020
Wilderun - Veil of Imagination

The storyteller begins the Wilderun - Veil of Imagination album with a muffled unhurried narration of the tale, anticipating the soft and gentle chime of strings acoustic guitar intertwined with mesmerizing passages of the violin, together creating a romantic atmosphere, complemented by continuation of the tale in the vocal part. But then slowly, pensively and carefully, The Unimaginable Zero Summer condenses and hardens the musical sound, retaining a symphonic charm, but pulsating with a rhythmic drive and crowning the musical structure with sparkling charm epic symphony. Significant growling is revealed and comes to the fore in the vocal part, shrouded in solemn coverings of musical melody, alternating with inspirational dreamy tunes of clean vocals.
Preserving the shades of the leitmotif of album O Resolution! combines in a single musical saga inspired songs of a bard singing the past wanderings and adventures in which he found a solution to comprehended problems and severe chorales of adherents in a gloomy rhythmic anthem. The final part of the composition smoothly flows into the intro Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun, softly and romantically waving pensive vocal phrases enchanting tales, complementing the soft musical passages of the piano with inspired vocal phrases. This combination weaves bewitching lace of an epic symphony.
The grand instrumental symphony Scentless Core (Budding) acts as an introduction to the Far from Where Dreams Unfurlsaga, which develops the motives laid down in the introduction in a full-blown musical extravaganza, enveloping musical symphonies with inspirational vocal phrases. Soft acoustic bardic tale Scentless Core (Fading) completes this piece of music with a muffled vocal narration, wrapped in an enchanting shawl of acoustic guitar chime, charming flute tunes and symphonic musical background.
Preserving symphony and melodic grandeur, The Tyranny of Imagination condenses the musical structure of the harsh anthem, marching in a grim procession proud hymn, hard driving the signs of the path of severe growling, shaded by the mysterious tunes of clean vocals, sometimes coming to the fore with emotional tunes.
The majestic enchanting with an epic artistry saga When the Fire and the Rose Were One completes the album, bringing to the fore the musical image meaningful phrases of pure vocals, lifting it to the top of the waves of a musical symphony, honoring with melodic charm bewitching legends of ancestors and heroic sagas of bygone days. Similar to the beginning, the storyteller completes the album lyric narration to the acoustic chime of strings.