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The unknown hides in the shadow of oblivion

January 21, 2021
Dark Halo - Catalyst (Reissue 2018)

The union of guitar solo and keyboard artistry anticipates the development of the first composition of the A Dark Halo - Catalyst (Reissue 2018) album, further complementing this musical unity of contrasts with an impressive union of dreamy clean vocals and indignant growling in the Burn It All song's vocal part. The Beyond Recall continues with a mystery of dark intrigue, then rolling in waves of a mid-tempo anthem topped with mystical echoes of keyboard symphonies.
The Dust and Ashes deepens into the introduction the rhythmic density of the mid-tempo march, hammering the beats of its procession with harsh and powerful rolls, then retreating to futuristic distortions of vocal dreams and rebellious appeals of emotional growling and the romantic ascension of the union of vocals with music. The Silence epic symphony begins with a soft guitar busting further in the twilight lace of musical romance, shading the dreamy tunes of clean vocals with harsh growling.
The Formatting...piano solo acts as an introduction to the Nucleus composition, which begins with futuristic keyboard artistry, then transfers the listener with a solemn hymn to the vastness of the distant future, calling out with a battle march to the echo of old battles. The Apex Realized continues this combination of futuristic motifs with echoes of chivalric sagas, deriving the alternation of growling, supplemented by crying appeals with dreamy appeals of clean vocals. The Unbreakable concludes the album, alternating dreamy romance with clean vocals, fighting drive and angry growling.
But, the remastering of the previous album's edition makes the fans of the group even more happy with the Burn It All (Reissue Mix) and Apex Realized (Reassembled) compositions, which are transformed in a revised and different form.