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The tramp's path through the woods is so difficult

December 04, 2018
Woebegone Obscured - The Forestroamer

The crows call for a breath of sad romance, inspiring a leisurely rolling of melodic canvas, rolling out the path for deep, dense and meaningful growling vocals, setting the mood for the first part of the The Memory and the Thought song, from time to time the muffled screech of screaming complements the vocal narration. Then clean vocals set a dreamy mood, raising hopes for change for the better, but the vocal part of the first composition of the Woebegone Obscured - The Forestroamer album changes again and again - it is dominated by the clean, the growling, the screaming comes to the forefront of the musical image. Melodious romanticism completes the song of an enchanting musical composition with an instrumental suite, in the final part of making some insights melodic drive.
Cryptic mysterious sounds set the introduction of the next composition of the album Drommefald, in the vocal part of which the foreground sound first comes as screaming. The gloomy musical sacrament complements the vocal transformation, raising dark melodic passages in instrumental bridges. Then the vocals and music thicken the dark essence, but the thoughtful and unhurried instrumental suite brought on the wings of distant winds dispels horror and gloom, continuing the composition with thoughtful instrumental passages, freeing up space for an impressive melody of a guitar solo. These melodious covers preface the inspirational reflections of clean vocals, ending with an instrumental part and an inspiring guitar solo.
Crimson Echoes appears as an instrumental introduction to The Forestroamer title track of album, slowly and thoughtfully rolling out the scrolls of memories, experiences and warnings. These instrumental passages invoke mystical essences, wrapping around the axis of the story with viscous and stingy musical ideas. Music envelops vocal reflections with majestic integuments; dense deep growling prevails in the vocal part, although sometimes screaming complements its narration. However, the composition also manifests clear vocals and even romantic singing of a singing lady.
A leisurely journey along the forest road begins the album's final composition Dormant in the Black Woods. But the vocal raises the sophisticated experiences of the narration of pure vocals, entwined with the viscous twilight fetters of musical haze.