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The torment of the wicked will drive out demons

April 24, 2018
Desdemonia - Anguish

In a dark fog, a mysterious fog creeps around the darkly marching Reaper Of Souls. The deep growling is wrapped in dark musical charms, starting the Desdemonia - Anguish album with a twilight melody, the development of which is incredibly intriguing.
Title track Anguish mysteriously hovers in ghostly images, beginning the introduction with a call for a swift drive, then interrupting with a sweeping march - but returning to the rhythm of the introduction in the verse and continuing marches in the bridges and choruses.
A tight march rolls in dark waves, before connecting the Cross The Line vocals proudly pulsating as the heartbeat of the whole army in unison widens the possession of the kingdom into the distance and breadth.
The Endless Fight main motive is manifested in pulsating mid-tempo impulses, rolling in waves around vocal phrases, sometimes trying to break into a fast drive, but held back by invisible indestructible fetters.
Epic twilight envelops the entry in obscure meditations, but then the waves of dark drive roll up with eerie ghostly images, again and again calling for Revenge in the chorus.
The dark fog is becoming more intense, flickering with flashes of black magic, but not speeding up the pace of its narrative, restraining Abysmal music within the framework of the average pace, from time to time exploding streams of impetuous drive.
The vortexes of the main motive appears in the intro, they are distracted by melodic temptations but come back again with vocal support, without stepping aside - only affirming the Deceiver's ability to make many believers.
Mysterious haze envelopes the surrounding space with a sphere of unknown spells, temptingly sparkling with melodic passages of the Out Of Sight introduction, pressing them into a single stream, rushing through the stream of musical impulse.
The furious and dense rhythm of Weakness intro throws aside the association with the name, creating a breathing space in the bridge and rolling the romantic mysteries further combination of the listed contrasts together in the musical image of the composition completing the album.