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The time when sun was blind

January 22, 2022
Каира, 2021 -  Время Тёмных

With a mid-tempo march, the Реквием track begins the Каира - Время Тёмных album with a unity of pulsating rhythmic with echoes of battle marches, followed by epic musical with a variety of stylistic variations of the singing lady. After the trills of forest birds and mysterious folklore motifs, the Когда Солнце было Богом song's music marches dense and rhythmic march with touches of oriental motifs, then completes it with the unity of epic tunes and symphonic musical variations.
The intriguing mystique of the intro, with its echoes of ritualistic mystic chants, rolls out the motif of the Гой, Коляда mid-tempo march, complementing the dominant female vocals with the background undertones of the male vocals, that is coming to musical forefront with so emotional screaming. The title track of one of the band's previous releases, Ветры буйные, impressively and mesmerizingly develops its sound. After symphonies with chorales in intro, the female vocals act as storyteller with an ancient legends of impending worries that cannot be avoided without tribute to the gods and points to the need for appropriate sacrifices by them.
The Белый дым composition pulses with the pulsating notes of the guitar solo, topped with the artistry of the keyboard variations, the sound of which is complemented by the mesmerizing depth of the female vocals. The Ритуал musical saga gives great significance to its sound with a long and painstakingly prepared introduction of the vocal part of the singing lady's symphonic tunes.
Then music and vocals combine in an enchanting dance. Note the considerable influence of folkloric motifs and folk instruments in the sound of the Ночь Сварога musical tale.
The sound of the OHRA instrumental composition fascinates with melodic revelations and the combination of folkloric sounds of instruments, such as the vargan, foreshadowing the end of the album with the Поход на Темнолесье (инстр) instrumental etude.