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The thundering silence, the aggravating feather

May 08, 2024
The thundering silence, the aggravating feather

The enchanting chiming of acoustic guitar strings envelops the listener in the atmosphere of charm and pensive of the Black Rose On A Frozen Grave intro, ending with the haze of mysterious twilight, the narration of a wise man and the intriguing plot of the Angela Martyr - Nothing Louder Than Silence album, continuing with the whirlwind of bright drive of The Legion Of The Black Angels song, spinning sparkling threads of musical variations around the vocal phrases. The Forgotten Metal epic saga rolls in waves of martial memories of former battles and battles, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image. Musical variations provide artistic support and accompaniment to this musical tale.
The guitar solo of the introduction swirls fascinating whirlwinds of intriguing mysteries, which are then rolled out by the musical canvas of the Black Twin Rising main motif, which is then followed by the confident and persistent march of the vocal story. The Climbing The Walls Of The Abyss song envelops you in a whirlwind of harsh drive, combining a confident march on the edge of mid-paced sound and the mystery of the vocal narration. The Marked By The Woodblade composition speeds up the tempo of musical variations, soaring in the rapid flight in search of the desired goals.
Guitar riffs set the direction and point the way for the main motif that drives the footsteps of the Reckless Master rhythmic march, preceding the bright and sparkling whirlwind of the Nothing Louder Than Silence album's title track, which combines music and vocals in an exciting dance. The Arrival In Geresenes' Land bard ballad enchants with the echoes of ancient fairy tales and stories in an acoustic guitar solo, ending with a drum roll and a sage's chant, serving as an introduction to the My Name Is Legion final composition of the album, which is its longest, most diverse and significant artistic fragment.