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The temple of the chosen gods

March 03, 2022
Wasteland Valley - Pantheon

The ringing of the bells and the enchanting guitar solos, which then act as a leitmotif, create the atmosphere of The Temple Of All Gods intro, which opens the musical gate of the Wasteland Valley - Pantheon album and turns over the first pages of its tale with impressive musical artistry and vocal emotionality. Once again, guitar solo of the Masquerade intro charms the listener and draws them into the expanse of mystical tales, transformed by the musical artistry after percussion bounces and accompanying artistic vocal transformations.
In keeping with the title of the Twister song, the musical passages whirl around the assertive vocal phrases in a single musical flow, drawing the listener into the pensive and rhythmic procession of the Golden Opportunity musical march, which pushes its march with confident pressure and a confident rhythmic stride. The Chamber romantic ballad begins with a mesmerizing melodic guitar solo, followed by a vocal sensuality and an epic musical backdrop with echoes of medieval sagas.
The free spirit of rock'n'roll is confidently combined with bard tales and druid ritual chants in the sound of the Reach For More song, which brings to the album shades of Celtic folklore, continuing the embodiment of these influences in the rhythmic march of the Take A Stand mid-tempo march.
A combination of rhythmic battle march, minstrel ballads, and uplifting vocal proclamations are combined in the sound of the No Place For A Queen track, anticipating the melodic charm of the Remains To Be Seen medieval ballad, which anticipates the album's The End acoustic conclusion.