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The tale of wanderings

October 02, 2020
Drakarium - Acte II

Classical music and epic romance sets the mood for the Prelude introduction, then continues the sound of the Drakarium - Acte II album with inspired vocal tunes, combining music and vocals in the Etoile a tribord single musical stream.
Rising into a frenzy of fast-paced drive the Pacifica song retains the sublime influence of classical music, but combines vocals and music into a plexus of fast-moving drive in a single musical stream. Developing an epic whirlwind of musical celebration, the Jo le viking rushes with vocals into a rampant dance. Inspirational chime of keyboard notes brings a combination of classical music and romanticism of popular styles to the sound of the Tournesol composition.
Classical music creates intrigue, ascending with a sparkling whirlwind of a guitar solo and setting the direction for the development of the Revolution main motive. Exploding into a whirlwind of impetuous drive the Neige eternelle song then enchants with the unity of melody and power.
Dance and power are combined into a unity of the Humour au clavier carnival classics, in a swift round dance of musical passages, but then the music turns to the union of classical presentation and ballad romanticism. The Vegvisir explodes with a combination of futuristic keyboard delights and fast-paced musical drive topped with vocal inspiration.