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The tale of an endless wanderings

March 17, 2022
Sons Of O'Flaherty - The Road Not Taken

The vocal aptitude comes to the forefront of the Dead and Gone musical image, supplementing the folkloric accents of the Sons Of O'Flaherty - The Road Not Taken album with the inspired bagpipe tunes and the festivity of the string inspiration of the guitar tunes. The vocalist's reflections are complemented by the romantic sound of the Sam Hall composition, combining the charm of musical artistry and inspired vocal reflections. The Lucky Ones celebration of musical joy is combined with dreamy vocal reflections in the atmosphere of a fair festivity.
The inspirational vocal narrative of the storyteller captivates with the sound of the Once Upon a Binge song, taking us on a path of striving for adventure and camaraderie with our fellows and teasers. The Saint or Sinner track explodes with exasperation and drive, weaving a veil of rebellious dissent, topped with enchanting tones of musical melody and vocal grandeur. Accentuated, readily and persistently manifesting the main motif, the Red Wine Teeth song follows its path in unity with the mesmerizing vocal narration, bringing the unhurried and touching vocal reflections to the forefront of the Fields of Athenry acoustic ballad, then bringing to the sound echoes of celebrating inspired drive, setting the stylistic direction of The Better Claim track, complementing the album with inspired country style and giving the vocal part the charm of the singing lady's vocal phrases, then combining female and male vocals in an enchanting duet.
Memories of glorious days are intertwined in the inspired sound of the Glory Days song, honoring the past achievements and returning to memories of the most pleasant events of the past, calling again and again to return such an atmosphere. The Love Me composition puts the vocal part in the foreground of the musical image, supplementing them with the corresponding and inspired musical support, anticipating the wistful thoughtfulness of the sound of The Townspeople final composition of the album.