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The system passed a verdict - annihilation was assigned

July 20, 2017
Stormthrash - Systematic Annihilation

Brief, mysterious introduction of Stormthrash - Systematic Annihilation album Incipiens Ad Finem combines gentle, romantic melody with howling winds.
After a thoughtful romance Don't Learn to Be Corpse brings fierce drive in the sound stream , powerfully and confidently combining instrumental power with the vocals rabies.
The main motive, is born and developed into the introduction, then entrains the aspirations Burn This Town - follow it without interruption. Drive and anger are combined in a pulsating musical stream.
Speed and sharpness of The Art of Destruction leitmotif sweeps any obstacles on its path, the vocals completes each cycle with an emotional scream, a guitar - by swirled break. In the instrumental parts, the guitar solo performs so wonderful improvisations, interruping in the next chorus and with the composition final.
Cryptic, soft and mysterious melody creates a gloomy alarming intro, then Life of Suffering rushes in the impetuous drive, in the bridge complementing the music with power. But then the wise instructions supplement the motive of the introduction. Then the music becomes more violent and unpredictable.
Kingdom of Chaos clear, confident and tight rhythm without delay takes in a whirlwind of furious drive, twirling in deadly dance. But in the bridge before the chorus the rhythm slows down its procession, but again makes up for lost speed in the guitar solo.
Title track Systematic Annihilation hovers in the streams of an exciting main motive that complements the mysterious and intricate melody with the violent work of percussion, a clear guitar idea and a variety of vocal decisions. In the instrumental department, the guitar is lost in its solo, as if juggling its improvisation...
Again, the Dark Days main motive indicates its role in the introduction, but the vocals transform the sound, hardening it and supplementing it with mystery.
Vocal of Error Mortal sounds in Spanish, music changes the style in some way - somehow shifting towards the groove metal.
Lively and vigorously, in the debates and discussions of vocals with others The End Is Imminent closes the album.