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The sunrise is the apparition, the sunset the exodus

March 25, 2022
Laughing Stock - Sunrise

The title track of the Laughing Stock - Sunrise album begins its narrative with a musical lace of artistic mystery, building the charm of acoustic bard songs continued by the Echoes composition, which aggravates the twilight of the sound and gives even more mystery to the musical mysteries.
The singing lady's female vocals bring a variety of mystery to the introduction, then the vocals accentuate and clarify the Afraid title of the song again and again. The Another Me composition enchants with the mystery of the forthcoming musical development, as if carrying away to the expanse of dreams and reveries.
The thoughtful suite brings artistic keyboard passages to the forefront of the Intermission instrumental musical image, serving as an introduction to the vocal proclamations of the Sunset song, combining a light sadness of sound with a romantic musical atmosphere, which is developed by the mysterious sound of the Fading Light composition, beginning with a soft and melodic acoustic guitar solo.
The calming meditations of the Waves vocals narrative bring a note of spirituality to the album's sound. The symphonic charm of the Darkest Hour solemn hymn develops these spiritual covers with the addition of a gripping melody, foreshadowing the pensive detachment of the Another Sunrise album's final composition.