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The sun rises even over this dune

June 20, 2019
Avengers In Sci-Fi - Dune

Bright impulses of musical extravaganza call for vocal reflections, enveloped in light alarm, then electronic impulses again pierce vocal phrases in the chorus of the Departure composition. The title track continues the Avengers In Sci-Fi - Dune album inspiring a harsh and confident march, rolling its sound on the milestones of the chosen path. The vocals take the musical passages with dreamy inspiration.
Vocals compete with the futuristic interpretation of the Vapor Trail musical motifs, juggling tonalities and giving the phrases more and more new emotions. A vocal solo shrouded in enchanting haze of keyboard passages develops in an inspirational electronic New Century saga of adventures of knights of the future, battling digitized dragons.
The playful notes of music and vocal phrases are intertwined in a dance that affirms the truth in the name of the No Pain, No Youth composition. The female vocal begins the Still In A Dream (Feat. Mai Takahashi) musical festival with inspirational dreams, then intertwining in their romantic ideas in a duet with male vocals.
Embodying the name of the E Z Funk composition in the musical canvas, vocal phrases are hovering in the sublime spaces of futuristic inspirations, weaving a fascinating lace of stylistic diversity. Rolling in the waves of the harsh drive of 1994 brings some tough drive to the sound of the album, but vocal phrases bring great inspiration and point to unforgettable memories.
The main motif instills the narration of the song, retreating for the manifestation of vocal phrases wandering along the path of a soft pulsating medium-tempo rhythm. And these musical components of the The World Is Mine song are woven together in the chorus. The enchanting atmosphere of oriental romance completes the album with the Stranger enchanting ballad full of the symphonic charm of the rising sun.