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The storyteller narrates the legends of the wars of the gods

February 10, 2022
Tales and Legends, 2021 -  Struggle Of The Gods

Telling the Creation Divine tale by a wise storyteller begins the musical narrative of the Tales and Legends - Struggle Of The Gods album, embodying the echoes of ancient legends and continuing with the Epic Ride Of Horus epic saga, raising the vocal narrative to the crests of musical waves.
After a sparkling guitar solo introduction, The Fighters song brings the vocal part to the forefront, complete with bright musical variations of instrumental bridges and a symphonic musical background, anticipating the confident and solemn march of the Tales And Legends self-titled composition.
A whirlwind of rushing drive is crowned by a bright guitar solo, and the symphonic keyboard background complements the sound of the Holy Temple instrumental track with charm and brightness, anticipating the sound of the Land Of Thunder and The Seven Gates epic sagas.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Return To Fly musical image, then the Flames Of The Fire bard ballad captivates with the romance of medieval wanderings and adventures. The United Against The Enemy battle march rhythmically and confidently marches to the sound of the Struggle Of The Gods title composition, which closes the musical gates of the album.