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The storm gives rise to incredible discoveries

April 13, 2020
Xtasy - Eye Of The Storm

A stream of inspirational drive prepares a militant beat for the introduction of Die Young vocals that brings emotional shades. A denser medium-tempo musical march Play With Fire continues the procession of musical variations of the Xtasy - Eye Of The Storm album, continuing with the severe persistence of the title track intriguing to the introduction, then enveloping the blade of the main motive and vocal part with sparkling notes of keyboards artistry.
Complementing such a style of musical lace with swirls of inspiration, Perfect Strangers extends a vocal celebration on the bright banners of the chorus. The sea surf and the Welcome To My World majestic symphony of the keyboard suite are combined in a bewitching dance with guitar and vocal parts, creating a romantic atmosphere. Bringing waves of drive The War lifts melodic charm and emotional vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves. The whirlwind of the main motive captivates in an exciting atmosphere of the Flesh & Blood composition's sound.
Entering the mysterious mystery of musical development Crashing Down then it wraps around sensual vocal phrases with lace of romantic musical appeals. The echoes of oriental folklore are combined with a whirlwind of electronic impulses, first retreating before the Nowhere To Run vocal narrative, then weaving with it in an impressive round dance. Carrying a musical stream of a hit motive The Clock raises to the top of the musical image the interweaving of vocal emotions. The final composition of the album Silent Heroes captivates with the bewitching unity of musical and vocal melody.