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The state or condition of being singular

June 27, 2021
Farcry (HUN), 2018 -  Singularity

After the mysterious Knowledge track's intro, the swift of the rapid drive and the instrumental pressure. But then the restraint and melody complement the sound with their influence, enchanting melodious extensions of the guitar solo. The title composition continues the Farcry (HUN) - Singularity album in incredible complication of musical variations in the progressive direction of musical artistry, more and more completing the musical significance of the most specified scientific terms of mathematical functions.
The intriguing musical riddle Harmonium is long and thoughtfully develops the specified musical theme. After a brief bass guitars solo, the September composition is built by the swirl of the musical thriller, while maintaining the progressive artistry of musical variations and keeping in a shores of restrained drive.
Romantic and mysteriously the Orange Clouds over the Blue Forest track gives musical variations an intriguing mysteriousness. Leisurely enhancing the musical intrigue, the Home song then develops musical variations in the swift dance swift, combining the unrestrained musical artistry in the progressive dance of musical passages.
Having carried away the sound of the main motive on the expanses of dreamy fabrications, the Black Wind composition enchants his sound with a shadow of the exhaust of medieval fairy tales by creating an atmosphere of epic saga. The Last Minute is rushing with the vortex of impatience and is indignant by the rhythmic pulsations of the syllable musical action, crowned with the variable guitar solo. The Cemetery Dance completes the album with rhythmic mid-tempo ballad, weaving guitar passe in a romantic dance.