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The stars look at us - indulging in doubts and tears

June 06, 2018
Unreqvited - Stars Wept To The Sea

The majestic symphony Sora, based on epic sagas, begins instrumental album Unreqvited - Stars Wept To The Sea, keeping vague chants of illusory fairies on the background. The main motive is given to obscure alarms on an enchanting background, supplementing keyboards with violin and cello pleas, juggling with sparkling romantic reflections.
Thoughtfully twisted in the hazy haze of imaginary ghosts and uncertain illusions Anhedonia summons the tough hardened wave of drive, manifesting the scream of a screaming vocals. But pacifying unrestrained rage, music captivates a significant mid-tempo ballad, pensively and uncertainly wrapping viscous and dense guitar riffs with mystical mysteries, completing the song with an obscure muffled fog.
Starting with a thoughtful romance, mysteriously sparkling stars in the sky to the sounds of a burning fire, Stardust fascinates with the rays of cosmic reflections, then bringing in the power and density of meaningful sound. Vocal is unclear in screaming against the background, calling for an increase in tempo and epic sound. All this is woven into a very interesting and worthy composition, very interested in listening to the album. At the end, the composition turns into a pensive, pacified romance, calling for a bit of female vocals to sorrowful meditations.
Slowly and so tender guitars passages enveloped in thoughtfulness, leaving keyboard progressions on the background of the Kurai musical image. But the bright extravaganza of the drive is transformed by post-rock thoughtfulness, but then it accumulates significance and sensuality in this musical style Thoughtful experiences turns into Empyrean symphony of keyboard reflections, bringing to the fore the notes of the piano on an enchanted organic background with mystical chorals. White Lotus continues the enchanted meditations, weaving the epic symphony together with unhurried reflections. As the composition develops, the musical component is gaining more and more shades, turning into a majestic symphony that entices all thoughts and perceptions to follow this direction. Completion of the composition surpasses any doubt in her audition and intrigues to listen again and again!
The melodies of birds and the enchanting muzzy melodies bring the atmosphere of the buried Japanese landscape, enveloping Namida with the aromas of cherry blossom and the pleasant reflections of the wise sensei. Such musical covers are invested with insurmountable armor for any misfortune.
Keyboard motifs somewhat extend the Soulscape stylistic framework, beginning with something like a romantic disco 80x, then supplementing these light motifs with elements of epic reflections. Then the guitars bring importance, significance and power, vocal scramming on the background returns the completion of the album into the natural habitat.