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The sparkling light of heaven reveals consciousness

March 17, 2020
Trellis - Firesky

The artistic variations of musical passages are surrounded by the Nothings Getting Better vocals narrative full of dreamy intonations with progressive musical lace. Continuing the Trellis - Firesky album with a whirlwind of restrained drive, No Place to Hide is alternating in the foreground of the musical image, vocal reflections and a bewitching guitar solo, captivating in the vastness of secret dreams.
Like a light sigh Into the Breeze soft romantic ballad pacifies anxiety and dispels doubts. But, preserving the ballad musical style, Take the Reins captivates the atmosphere of mystical mystery, enveloping vocal doubts with an obscure fog of mystical omens. Build Me up Again continues the musical mystery with a dense, rhythmic march, raising banners of thirst for adventure with vocal phrases. But like a minstrel ballad of the medieval nobility, Lift My Soul delights with soft and artistic chime of strings and sparkling lace of keyboard passages. Adhering to the melodic charm, This Will Come transfers from ancient tales to the familiar expanses of native places, bringing to the album some shades of country style.
The Stand Up guitar solo surrounds vocal phrases with a bewitching mystery of mystical mystery. Its Time again returns to a thoughtful pacification, anticipating the incredible melody of the guitar solo of the Firesky title track, enveloping in the charm of gentle melody and the grandeur of the mesmerizing artistry of a magnificent ballad.
The soft thoughts of the Peace sophisticated musical variations continue the gentle procession of soft musical romanticism. A whirlwind of guitar solos precedes the mid-tempo inspiration of musical motifs pulsating with the heartbeat of the Catch the Wave inspired march. From the Start concludes the album with a soothing chime of guitar strings that completes the musical narration with gentle romanticism.