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The space of various ideas is so varied

March 10, 2017
Artificial Waves - Heavy. Deep. Sad. Ironic.

Create a basis for any thoughts - Artificial Waves - Heavy. Deep. Sad. Ironic. many variants of ideas arise after listening!
The grim, obsessive riff envelops with a cruel numbness, slowly and patiently surrounding with Blended Spirits and dark shadow all around.
Mysterious gentle dreams create illusory Bored Shadows, penetrating with the tide of doubt through the visible walls. But then the musical image is condensed and revolted by the instrumental impulse of a gloomy illusion.
Energetic, confident and persistent Feeling the Endless Flow insuperably, persistently and fascinatingly stretches to the first respite, creating a lyrical relief with a wonderful sparkling melody. But the rage and anger returns, so it repeats again and again.
Contrast From Blur to Sharp proceeds in leisurely, thoughtful manner, followed by the sharp dense fog of a hard break. But the lyrics continue to create so gentle atmosphere with melodic sound.
Soft dreamy Hush and Embrace sound saturates the surrounding space with melancholy, memories of the lost. Wind of hope comes the sublime brilliant tune, calling for new challenges.
Mysteriously beginning Inception, elusively including notes of keyboard passages in imaginary chants.
Slowly, calmly Inspiring Insomnia going on, creating so mysterious detachment, then stunning by fierce musical splash with hard guitar riffs and cosmic keyboards break soaring above them.
Starting with a melodic ballad Living in the Recycled Space turns into sharp rhythmic bursts of an ascended medium. Gloomy dark melancholy motifs thicken pensive doubts, creating from them ghostly castles of shattered hopes.
Hopes arises by Rising Soul, completing the entire album with their inspired wind of change.