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The skin gives care of oblivion

December 04, 2021
Within Temptation, 2021 -  Shed My Skin (feat. Annisokay) (EP)

The vocal proclamations immediately come to the forefront of the title track of the Within Temptation - Shed My Skin (EP) (feat. Annisokay) release, mesmerizing Sharon Den Adele's vocal tones, but then complementing it with background vocal support and exploding with musical charm, then complementing the vocal part with the sound of guest musicians' voices, combining at times in a joint unity. In the final fragment, the music and vocals fierce in emotional unity, creating a rather spectacular conclusion.
After an electronically intriguing introduction with distorted vocal reflections, the The Purge composition confidently and thrillingly uprises the singing lady's vocal experiences.
The male vocals call out in insistent recitative to transform the sound, but the singing lady's introduction transforms the Entertain You song with thoughtful reflections, then creates a very interesting unity of popular music and other musical formats.
Here - time and again your humble servant paid attention to the vocals, again and again emphasizing their influence on the sound of this release.
However, all music lovers and fans are given the opportunity to appreciate the instrumental versions of all the songs of the release - perhaps sing karaoke? But - the choice is up to everyone.