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The skeleton will be back!

August 11, 2019
Surf Zombies - Return of the Skeleton

Starting musical canvas of the Surf Zombies - Return of the Skeleton album Starstorm raises the board to the crest of the wave, from time to time falling into the abyss of ocean calm. Frank and the Sharks continues the musical narrative with careless joy. from time to time tinted by anxious forebodings. The title composition Return of the Skeleton brings into the musical expanse of the spirit of gloomy grandeur, embodying the notes of ancient prophecies. Rogue Wave supplements these forebodings with gloomy alarm, then Slingshot calls to the company of wandering knights ... oh, the knights did not surf - to the company of careless, fearless students.
But The Hungry Eye of wandering adventure hunter awaits quests and challenges, so their White Go Go Boots do not stop in front of the obstacles, overhelming, bypassing them and breaking the locks of unexpected anxieties and forebodings. Then the Twilight Cove dungeon they can't bypassing, so they're exploring it with romantic reverie. Saturn Valley offers a festival of entertainment, dancing, relaxation and inspiration.
But the excessive relaxation and fun in the morning ends with painful thoughts, translating into a leisurely sound of the Hardley Dangerson composition. Moonside continues painful thoughts, embodied in the wise regrets of a saddened ballad.
The sound of a starting chainsaw, the cry of a monster and the unbridled drive of the battle with him are embodied in Gorilla Fight. But the monster is defeated and The Dudeler playful dance motifs again entwine around the company of strangers.
But leisurely cautious pulsating Skip Sandwich motives appeals to the memories of these wanderings, completing the album with Wildman touching mystery of unforgettable impressions.