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The shimmering blizzard of northern stories

June 15, 2022
Heidra - Northern Tales

The enchanting Intro instrumental symphony creates a musical atmosphere, developing the embedded introductory musical motifs together with unity with the Forfaedres Kald vocals phrases in the sound of the Heidra - Northern Tales album, embodying the combination of music and vocals in a charming interweaving in a single musical lace.
The intro's keyboard symphony weaves the enchanting lace of The Forging Of The Sword main motif, which is then complemented by a vocals storyteller. Enchanting musical motifs complement the vocal reflections intertwined in the fascinating unity of the Ask Og Embla twilight saga.
Darkly and persistently, the music of the Arngrim's Quest composition rolls in the persistent waves of the battle march together with the musical melodies of Viking tales, continuing and developing in the musical motifs of the Lone Warrior epic saga, in which the vocal part then introduces individual shades of musical charm.
The symphonic intro complements the sound with notes of majestic charm, anticipating the development of the Twelve Berserks musical essence with a drum roll, then crowning The Path To Victory musical image with vocal diversity in the alternation and combination of screaming, growling and clean vocals in the sound, continuing a similar style in the solemn anthem of the Holmgang final composition of the album.