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The shackles that squeeze freedom pierce the mind with spikes

June 23, 2020
Liliac - Chain of Thorns (EP)

The title track begins the Liliac - Chain of Thorns (EP) release with a dancing rhythm entwined with mid-tempo vortices of guitar riffs, completing the beats with artistic transformations and complementing the vocal part that dominates the emotional inspiration of the musical composition.
The intriguing guitar passage of the flooding continues with the rhythmic pulsation of the Not Afraid march, further intertwining the vocal and musical parts in a procession of mid-tempo rhythm.
The Dancing in the Dark song continues the musical narration of the album with the mesmerizing romanticism of the ballad, but then accelerates the pace to a restrained drive, returning to ballad thoughts in the next verse.
Setting the epic beginning of the introduction Mars then brings to the forefront of the musical image a vocal narrative that gives inspiration to the perception of the composition. Then the Mythical Creature vocals immediately voiced the name of the song, redirecting itself with the whirlwinds of the guitar drive. The Hit the Lights song completes the album with the mood of rebellion and the freedom-loving vocals of the vocals with rock'n'roll musical variations.