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The secret symmetry of an unimaginable weapon

December 02, 2022
Trousers - Animal Gun

Energetic and driving guitar riffs are intertwined in a single musical whirlwind with vocal phrases, then decorating the sound of the Hope Dies Last song with artistic keyboard passages. The Bag Of Bones rhythmic musical march continues the musical narrative of the The Trousers - Animal Gun album with rolling rolls of musical pulsations with some vocal ferocity. The mid-tempo rhythmic pace continues in the musical essence of the My Kind Of Business song, which completes vocal phrases with meaningful guitars accents.
Guitar passages in unity with vocal narration, combining several different male and female parts in the Come Undone single embodiment of the true spirit of rock'n'roll. The The Great Beyond composition pacifies the energy in the rhythmic and confident action of its musical story, which then again gives way to the rebellious inspiration in the sound of the Vanish In The Haze song.
Rhythmically and densely driving the pulsating main motif, the Sunday Crimes composition crowns the crests of these waves with vocal phrases, raising their inspiration in the chorus with sparkling phrases to the top of the musical atmosphere, pacified by the further pensive influence of the style of southern rock and the shades of tales about the adventures told by cowboys in the saloons of the wild west to the musical pattern of the All Over Shakin' Down song. The title track of the Animal Gun album brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical pattern, again and again emphasizing the name in the vocal part, anticipating the rhythmic and rolling ending with the musical step of the Secret Symmetry unhurried march.