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The sacred wolf totem is protected by bite

August 08, 2021
SuidAkrA, 2021 -  Wolfbite

The heavy breathing and sound of the uncomfortable chains and kicks are praised by a rolling sound of the A Life in Chains composition, revealing the gate of the SuidAkrA - Wolfbite conceptual album by an epic musical procession. The Inner Wolf exclaims the wolping of wolf, which anticipates the bright sound of musical variations, whipping the vocal batch by sparkling ribbons of hit musical vortices. The female vocal of the singing lady is put forward on the forefront of the Darcanian Slave musical image that combines the extension of folk influences with epic musical shores.
Epic appetions of the male vocal carries musical variations to the procession at the specified vocal phrases of the Faoladh path. The chime of musical passages by sparkling outlines inspires to listen to the Crossing Over composition. But then the music brings the trends of the alarming echoes of gloomy fairy tales in combination with vocals twilight. The Vortex of Carnage rumbles with violent vortices of the musical thriller, whirling the vocal rage by the vortices of the musical drive.
The symphonic charm of epic musical urges is combined with the motifs of the bagpipes and the blasts of the musical drive into the sound of the Resurgence song. The vocal part complements the musical picture, alternating inspired clean vocals with fierce growling. Music power and vocal rage intertwined in the joint sound of the Redemption mid-tempo dance, rhythmically rolling the waves of severe and meaningful sound. A Shrine for the Ages completes the album inspirational bard song with a charming acoustic chime guitar strings.