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The sacred aspirations of the Fallen

February 03, 2018
Circadian Ritual - Befallen

Restrained, calm and enchanting Solomon's Temple dusk creeps around deep and wise vocal phrases, enveloping them with a haze of restrained and concentrated reflections creating a gloomy atmosphere of Circadian Ritual - Befallen album. After the introductory reflections, the notes of grinding screaming and the powerful wave of the drive explosion complete the sound of the composition, then raising the enchanting guitar passages over the general musical haze glinting over the gloomy fog of disturbing reflections. But a wave of sad grief breath completes the composition with cemetery hassle.
The title track Befallen continues the album with lyrical romance, entering with a fascinating inspirational guitar fingering. Vocals brings a premonition of dangerous prophecies, a whirlwind of ghostly darkness envelops vocal phrases, complementing the growling with a touch of screaming, that remain in the depths of the musical mystery.
Quietly and imperceptibly sneaking up the majestic melody enchants everything around the wondrous instrumental symphony Elysian Desire, which ends with a sharp and angry explosion of a grinding drive. Dark dark atmosphere of Pyramids Of Form And Matter binds the will with invisible fetters, ghostly motives drink vitality and dark sorrows suck out mental powers, creating the mystery of endless suffering. Then, the pulsating mystery of the dark ritual agitates a wave of black, evil breath.
Mysterious Heirophant fog enchanting with the riddles of cryptic symbols of unknown spells, in mysterious symbols of unknown spells, in instrumental bridgees taking to romantic meditations and lyrical melodics of dreamy limits, completing the album with a combination of dark gloomy wraith and sparkling life-giving charm. Before this wave of power and drive proudly and majestically raises the saga of valorous exploits.