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The road through the river of the dead is not accessible to everyone

March 10, 2020
Guardians Of The Night - Sand of the Styx

Ascending to the throne, Sheng.Funeral rolls waves of inspiration, complementing the grandeur of the served hypostasis. Vocal proclamations adds to the musical essence some trends of rapid drive. Combining the symphonic echoes of classical music Ahto's Nightmare continues the Guardians Of The Night - Sand of the Styx album with the unity of symphony and drive, introducing a creaky rage with the vocal part.
In a symphonic extravaganza, a blade of furious drive arises, interwoven with the vocal part in the Innocent Crime as a single musical stream. Assassination continues the unity of symphony and rage, interrupting the explosions of a rapid drive with vocal reflections. The mysterious symphony lays the foundation of the musical castle in the Heart of the Kin introduction, then developing it in a bewitching musical saga.
Artistic Clouds Breaker mystery intertwines with medium-tempo waves of drive, rolling a sparkling canopy of symphonic covers on severe vocal reflections. Then Extremely Elapsed develops the motives of the previous composition in further variations of the symphonic saga, accelerating the pace in the fast-paced race of sparkling fairies. Body of Falsehood completes the album, sparkling into the introduction with the symphonic charm of a keyboard suite, further weaving the motifs embedded in it with severe vocal growling.