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The righteous tells when better to cast the dark spell

January 09, 2017
Spiritus Mortis - The Year Is One

Creepy cemetery rattles, howling of undead spirits Spiritus Mortis - The Year Is One turns into a gentle sonata and solemn hymn to the greatness of the dark magic !
It envelops the cold wind guitar riffs, rotating around the axis of the main motif of vocal phrases. Melody freezes in cold skulprute dressed in Robe of Ectoplasm.
The viscous, dark melody walks slowly in the ghostly mist, muffling with the shadows of the past I Am a Name on Your Funeral Wreath adding nervousness to the vocals. Next the sounds turns into monologue of confessions complete with dark guitar outbursts, and then the shadow of the past are returning again.
After the mysterious, intriguing and enigmatic intro of the Babalon Working figure of the main motive pervades mind with its fascinating lace. Then the musical canvas thickens gloomy atmosphere, icreases toughness of sound and harden rhythm, saturating composition with evil and fury sounds, turning vocals into the screaming style closer to the end.
Vivid, eerie anthem Jesus Christ, Son of Satan saturates the dark terrifying mist by monolithic riffs and persistent harsh vocals, that enslaves will and mind.
Vocals from the first seconds of giving instructions, organizing an event as dark festivities, mournful celebration - to create Holiday in the Cemetery at all. He did not suffer, do not allow, does not accept any disagreement, doubt, resistance - his instructions are transformes into the grand announcement of solemn notes.
The gloomy and sad story of the beauty of a bygone misunderstood and unaccepted - She Died a Virgin, surrounds as the fog of grief and ghosts of doubts, circling around in a mist of regrets about lost moments.
Quiet and relaxing motif shaded with oriental color and muted intriguing whispers and lures into the realm of Black Magic, White Powder. Inspired by the tremendous power and ineradicable skills, invincible abilities voice broadcasting anthem of his greatness, surrounded by solemn keepers of its power and magic that he is ready to cast for preservation of the status disruption or posession.
The charm of darkness envelops with lovely dreamy motif, dark dreams celebrations and lifeless joy carries deeply within the admiration of World of No Light, that explains and defines the beauty and grandeur of the existence in undead state.