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The righteous are not destined to understand the features of sins

November 16, 2018
Revocation - Great is Our Sin

Insistently, tightly and violently rolls the Arbiters of the Apocalypse intro tough wave of drive, complementing the composition with vocal changes and variations in the bridges. In general, the Revocation - Great is Our Sin album combines the rage and drive characteristic of the groove and melodic death metal and mysteriousness, brightness and unexpected changes and transformations of compositions characteristic of technical thrash metal.
The Theatre of Horror main motive manifested itself in the introduction in one way or another manifests itself in all parts of the composition, which varies the driving rolls with melodic thoughts. The guitar solo in the instrumental part introduces intriguing trends in the composition, complementing it with concentrated doubts and conjectures anticipating the finale of the song.
Developing the twilight fog of doubt Monolithic Ignorance throws on reflection the stern drive of the couplets with harsh vocals, complementing them with sophisticated reflections of clean vocals in bridges and choruses.
Progressive and exciting rhythm juggles with changes, complementing thoughtful Crumbling Imperium vocal phrases with exciting variations of musical motifs.
Raising the torch of the majestic guitar passage in the introduction Communion is carried away by a whirlwind of impetuous drive, enveloping vocal phrases with furious musical trend. The instrumental bridge momentarily pacifies the rampage of music before the chorus, but, returning the echoes of the intro, the vocals once again rush into a furious drive.
The Exaltation instrumental suite charms and fascinates with a sound that combines variations of epic motifs and trends of fabulous melodies. Rhythmically driving in the milestones of his journey with the introduction of vocal Profanum Vulgus rolls the canvas of the epic march, majestically and valiantly announcing his statements, but transforming into an exciting melodic narration in the chorus.
Exploding in a wave of fierce drive, then Copernican Heresy develops in such mysterious whorls of musical passages, pierced by the keynote blade, but enveloping it and vocal phrases with a whirlwind of more and more mysterious progressive variations.
A stern and persistent mid-tempo rolls a musical canvas in front of Only the Spineless Survive vocal reflections, announcing in a rhythmic mid-tempo march transformed by mysterious guitar solos in instrumental bridges variants of possible changes.
Beginning with melodious romanticism and fascinating ballad motifs with the introduction of vocal Cleaving Giants of Ice is kept on the edge between the romantic ballad and the groove of a restrained medium tempo drive. Contrary to expectations, after the fascinating romanticism, the album completes the most rapid and speedy Altar of Sacrifice composition, uncontrollably carried away to inaccessible limits.