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The riddle of spells and magical power

October 04, 2021
Energema - Magical Force

Symphonic The Manoah's Prayer keyboards suite with an instrumental keyboards chime opens musical gates of the Energema - Magical Force album, continuing the epic sound of the My Destiny musical fairy tale combining musical melodium and vocal emotionality.
Introduction with a bright sound specifies and initializes the sound of the leitmotifs of the Sunset Of A Seventh Day song, then wrapping and completing its sound with musical and vocal shades and variations. The Samson's Vengeance with begins the sounds of suffering and battle, then brewing the whirlwind of melodic guitar and keyboards, topped with inspired vocal experiences. The Riddle intry is a drum solo, then the sound of the 4th song turns out music and vocals in the fascinating dance.
The We Raise composition puts forward a vocal batch to the forefront of the musical image, vectors in the chorus vocals reflections with a sparkling arc of keyboards symphony. Long accession begins with keyboard suite, then retreating before the bright guitar solo. Then the vocal party is asceated to the top of the sound of the Dangerous Temptation composition, interlacing with bright guitar and keyboard passages of instrumental bridges.
The inspirational and melodic ballad Bed Of Thorns continues the musical narration by a romantic atmosphere and echoes of the musical fairy tale, preceding the completion of the album with the Deliverance acoustic guitar solo.