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The realm in which the sins rule

April 22, 2021
Silent Winter (GRC) - Empire of Sins

Choral associates chants the Gates of Fire intro by a military choir, preceding a rapid swift drive, sometimes bringing crushing rhythmic additions. Speaking more mysterious musical mysteriousness of an intriguing guitar suspension, the Wings of Destiny song continues the musical story of the Silent Winter (GRC) - Empire of Sins album with melodic artistry and vocal mysteriousness, completing the main vocal on the background.
Announced the title, the Shout continues to be thrilled by the epic drive, the penetrate pulsating repletions of the mid-tempo march, crowned with emotional vocal tunes. Solemn symphony sets the direction of development of a fascinating main motive, which is inspired by the vocals phrases to the top of the Mirror musical image.
The phrases of the storytelles are completed by the magnificent anthem, which anticipate the Hunter's Oathepic saga. Soft symphony creates a romantic atmosphere of the Where the River Flows thoughtful ballad, enveloping with the veils of sparkling melodic mysticism.
A bright Dragons Dance intro's guitar solo creates an atmosphere of a fascinating fairy tale, sharply accelerating in the rapid race to the entry of vocals. The Empire of Sins title composition of the album envelops the ancient fairy tale atmosphere, varying the tempo and musical artistry in an exciting musical creation. Final album's Leave a Light On track draws the vocal part to the forefront of the rhythmic musical image.