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The purest fire shall to burn all in a holy flame

March 28, 2023
In Fear - All Is

The title track begins the In Fear - All Is release with twilight reflection, weaving a doubtful hazy lace of intertwined vocal phrases and a combination of vocals styles in argument and discussion.
Vocals doubts are intertwined with musical mystery in the mesmerizing passages of twilight dance, slowly marching through the clouded haze of musical sacrament of the Narrow Gate composition, giving vocals reflections an emotional coloring to the lyrical narrative, sometimes hardening in severe oppression.
The vocal dialogue of pure vocals and background rough screaming envelops the covers of dusk romance, weaving a mesmerizing lace of the artistic sound of the Rest ballad. The Blinding White song takes you on a journey through unexplored expanses, full of mysteries and surprises, varying the tempo and stylistic shades of sound from a leisurely procession to a driving pressure and bitterness with symphonic shades that continue to embody the twilight mystery of the sound of the Purest Fire composition, weaving the influence of oriental motifs with the fascinating intrigue of the development of future musical variations and vocals narration.
The vocals narrative is brought to the forefront of the Cessation musical image, developing an intriguing introduction to the rhythmic and harsh march, flowing with twilight mystery, receding before the angry pressure and persistent drive of the impatient sound of the Abyss final composition of the album, in which pure vocals introduce shades of doubt, shrouded in romantic covers.