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The precepts of the ancestors are inviolable

September 30, 2020
Genus Ordinis Dei - Great Olden Dynasty

The Unleashed begins the Genus Ordinis Dei - Great Olden Dynasty album's musical narration with an unexpected and mesmerizing combination of epic symphony and furious drive, entwined in the background atmosphere of symphonic artistry. The You Die in Roma song's introduction further enhances the influence of classical music, complementing the orchestral symphony with chorales. Then this musical saga is built on the alternation and combination of clean, screaming and growling in the vocal part, topped with the enchanting melody of musical passages.
The mid-tempo vocal narration, combining muted whispers, harsh growling and dreamy melodies of clean vocals, sets the basic structure of the Cold Water solemn anthem sound. The enchanting sound of the symphonic suite of organ music is continued by the chants of the singing ladies, then complementing The Flemish Obituary musical essence with creaky harsh and stern growling. Whipping up waves of angry drive the Sanctuary Burns track retains a mid-tempo musical essence with the influence of epic melody. The piano solo returns to the expanse of leisurely meditation, bringing the sublimity of majestic experiences, the Morten vocal part begins with a monologue of a pensive sage, then the growling slowly walks along the path of the majestic anthem. But after an explosion of fast-paced drive, vocals and music return to a harsh mid-tempo march.
Circling in a round dance of musical passages the ID 13401 progressively and unexpectedly changes the rhythmic structure, giving the sound of vocal phrases and guitar solos the atmosphere of ancient legends. Developing symphonic sound, band's music builds the Halls of Human Delights composition on the dialogue of harsh and clean vocals. After the intro's enchanting piano solo the Salem track continues to base musical ideas on the combination of vocals, alternating male harsh and growling with the inspired melodies of female vocals, enveloping this combination with symphonic veils. The Greyhouse ends the album with a majestic anthem that embodies the heroic sagas and musically combines encouraging clean vocals with meaningful and harsh growling.