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The power of heaven dispels doubts

March 02, 2020
Arcane Tales - Power Of The Sky

Majestic symphony Lux Lucet in Tenebris with inspired chorales begins the Arcane Tales - Power Of The Sky album, continuing with its swift drive of the title track, entwining the axis of the main motive with swirling swirls of guitar solos and crowning the music and vocals with the art of a keyboard part.
The epic Fire And Shadow introduction captivates and creates the mood of expectation of a fascinating fairy tale, which then again and again varies the tempo and envelops in melodic grandeur. Driving in waves of a mid-tempo musical wheel Genesis accelerates the tempo with the introduction of vocals. Pacifying rage and drive Wind of Doom continues the musical narration with a romantic ballad, complementing male vocals with the charm of female vocals.
Fascinating with the melody of intro As a Phoenix then sharply accelerates the pace. The Seed of Discord bard saga, complemented by the energy and drive of electric musical instruments, impressively combines melody and power. In the vocal part, the sound of male vocals varies, complementing the main part of the clean vocals with harsh notes.
A soft, melodic and inspired The Magic Dance of the Snow piano solo anticipates the final composition of the album Into the Cradle of Sin, , completing this release with a combination of dominant clean male vocals, sometimes complemented by the chorales of colleagues and a short burst of growling.