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The peculiarity of epochs is always so immanent

April 08, 2017
Chine - Immanent

A variety of melodies and changing musical moves turn Chine - Immanent into so bright, sparkling flash, spreading around itself the rays of musical diversity!
The mysterious, mysterious introduction Cephalophore creates so fascinating intrigue, which calls for further research.
Vocal furiously and angrily darkens the Floating musical image, whirlwinds of guitar riffs surround him with furious and, angry and outraged bursts of changeable rhythm. Mysterious patterns of guitar solo creates the ornate variety of images. The viscous narrative completes the composition, carrying the finale on light ghostly motives.
A violent, rolling force moves Behind The Vivid Light, dancing in changeable, diverse melodies, constantly and suddenly succeeding each other. Chorus rolls through a wave of gloomy, dark, impenetrable fog.
Vocal phrases indicate changeable impermanence, creating a volatile trembling of the changing image because of A Thousand Cuts of the frameworks.
Beginning with ragged, complex and jagged rhythms, the melody I Forgive You turns into a combination of lyrical melody with a severe harsh vocal image, combining that in so peculiar, complex and intricate ballad.
Furious power in a mad rush immediately throws into the rapid and frenzied stream moves Tid For Hamnd to the bridge, changing speed to the broken complexity, vocal phrases tuning before the next impetuous frenzied rush.
Hammering with powerful blows on the anvil of reason composition follows the path of a fierce, proud, reckless march that rises all of us to the Sky trying to flying high to the sky.
The title track Immanent begins with so complex, unexpected and ornate combination of melodic solutions, enthrallingly replaced by the main motif. But the complex musical changes over and over again shock attention and cause such growing respect. This song will leave new impressions with each audition, again and again!