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The path to freedom is not easy

December 05, 2020
El Perro del Mar - Free Land (EP)

The instrumental mystery of the Enter track begins the musical story of the El Perro del Mar - Free Land (EP) album with an obscure mystery, ending with wordless chants. Then the sound of the Life Is Full Of Rewards composition complements the musical image with the charm of the voice of the singing lady, combining vocal phrases with the romantic atmosphere of the musical sound.
Light sounding and unhurried procession of musical narration creates an atmosphere of musical mystery around the White On White vocal part. The title track Free Land 1 begins with controversy, discussion and reflection. Then the vocal part of the singing lady comes to the fore of the musical image, combined with the pulsing impatience of the dancing keyboards passages.
The pensiveness of the Alone In Halls (Feat. Blood Orange) musical ballad again and again repeats and accentuates the vocal phrase about the path of change along which the singing lady is stubbornly and indisputably. The vocal part is also complemented by the participation of a guest artist.
The vocal phrases of the Dreamers Change The World female vocals complement the muted musical passages, then transform into a majestic keyboard symphony. The Exit continues the artistic finale of the previous composition, ending the album with a vocal recitative monologue.