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The pandemic alarm all around the world

March 10, 2022
Wasteland Valley, 2022 -  The Pandemic

The Pandemic Overt alarming symphony with a twilight mystery begins the sound of the Wasteland Valley - The Pandemic concept album, dedicated to the grandiose and terrible calamity of a terrifying pandemic that has bounds humanity in chains of fear and irresolvable contradictions. In the sound of the Outbreak song, the vocal part brings its shades and reflections to the enigmatic sound of the twilight musical mystery. The mesmerizing guitar solo of the instrumental part is especially captivating. The Too Much To Handle romantic ballad continues the musical narrative with a gentle and sensual softness of acoustic musical charm. Playfully, joyfully and enthusiastically the vocal phrases of the Lockdown song confidently and persistently follow the path of the main motif, taking us on exciting wanderings in search of adventure and discovery. The Social Distancing acoustic ballad charms with peaceful softness and mesmerizing tenderness of sound, then slightly compacting the musical sound of the chorus while maintaining a romantic melody. Harshly and furiously accelerating sound of the Flatten The Curve composition music unrestrainedly rolls waves of harsh musical thriller, taking you into a whirlwind of deadly dance of musical frenzy.
The harsh instrumental drive of the Quarantine track builds up the atmosphere of anxiety and expectation of coming disasters and sorrows, after which the vocal narration of the Beat The Virus song preserves the anxiety of the musical atmosphere with progressive introduction of oriental motifs and significance of bass guitar passages brings tints of hope and premonition of coming changes. The Repercussions ballad closes the musical novel of the concept album with the embodiment of memories of the trials of the terrifying plague. The guitar solo of the instrumental section, which becomes the mainstay for the final melodic charm, is particularly charming and precedes the reassuring final fragment.