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The old sailor knows a lot of tales

September 07, 2019
Tanzwut - Seemannsgarn

The title track begins the Tanzwut - Seemannsgarn album with a bewitching interweaving of folklore motifs and inspired tunes of the vocal part, setting the background with a harsh industrial rhythm. Twisted in a gloomy whirlwind of mystical epic around vocal phrases Galgenvogel continues the album all the same on the verge of a ballad, but more meaningfully and solemnly lifts the banner of the main motive. Reden ist Silber proudly carries the banner of the main motive, bringing the vocal part to the front edge of the musical image in the verse, combining it with the musical passages in the chorus.
Setting a melodic atmosphere in the introduction, Die letzte Schlacht in the verse rolls in waves of a medium-tempo drive, returning in chorus to the melody of the introduction. The pulsating drive of Schwarzes Gold dusk rolls into a rhythmic drive, marching in a procession of the main motive. A bewitching and impressive ballad Ich bin der Nachtwind raises the banner of romantic sadness, enveloping in an atmosphere of saddened experiences. Proudly and meaningfully Der Puppenspieler paces the procession of a harsh anthem, raising the name in the majestic sounding of the refrain.
The combination of French romanticism and the harsh experiences of the German band sounds quite a peculiar atmosphere of the Francoise Villon song. After ballads, romances and hymns, Das Gewissen sternly and stubbornly marches through the rampant procession of a harsh mid-tempo march. Folklore motifs mesmerize in the Schmiede das Eisen introduction and chorus, retreating from the pulsating drive of the verse.
But the epic tunes of folklore motifs come to the forefront of the Gib' mir noch ein Glas musical image, supported by the impregnable walls of the industrial support. But technogenic industrial rhythms requires more attention - and in the sound of the Im freien Fall composition they change places, leaving the folklore tunes in the background.
The tunes of the northern winds bring majestic severity of their motives, enveloping Herrenlos und frei vocals phrases with inspiration of relaxation after piercing snowstorms and terrifying storms. Rethinking one of the compositions of the album with a guest musician Gib' mir noch ein Glas (feat. Karbholz) completes the album.