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The old roads conceals new paths

October 25, 2016
Tempus - Bila Vrana

In the light of the moon or the rising sun you've acquired features of the unknown, the mystical charm and indescribable beauty - you're Tempus - Bila Vrana for all around!!
Lyric guitar fingering riff and inspired duo of male and female vocals starts fairy tale Olivie, which continues to accompany with flute, brass horn and faded chorus of male spirits as the bard lady's support.
Romantic melancholy ballad Rude Plane accompanied by a gentle female voice calm guitar motifs, bass guitars creates background for them all. Instrumental parts are headed by flutes, the other instruments follows them.
Rising above the clouds, lofty and encouraging Vila, spraying any adversities and apprehension: adjusting to a positive perception of reality, presenting the wonders with flutes passages and gentle guitar notes.
Quiet, discreet notes of the guitars criss-crossing flutes melody given birth the main motive of the Chci Tancit undaunted and unstoppable rich and wonderful in his rapid promotion to the improvement of the aspirations and goals.
Minstrels gathers around the fire, each with its own instrument puts part of the soul and sharing their thoughts, the narrator voice of singer Lady tells the legend of the wandering and thinking about a magical island, the mysterious city of Atlantida.
Instruments sing their songs, weaving them into a single fabric. Muj Pane hears many voices, combining sadness and humility, joy and excitement. Everyone will hear it in own way, depends from mood and manner.
The title track Bila Vrana in a romantic and lyrical manner, combines calm and gentle guitar riffs and sublime mystical flute into the main motive. But, fair lady still remains as white crow for all others.
Vitr hovering around all of us in the same eddies, whirling in a mysterious ghostly dance. Weaving laces from snowflakes, fallen leaves - only the wind known and understandable ways, building ghostly castles with invisible ashes and dust grains.
Step by step, moving slowly on its way, step-by-step Kraci Noci passes Step by step, moving slowly on its way step by step 1 comes to our mind, eyes and soul permeates their charms, not leaving a single indifferent to its charms. Then impressive romantic guitar break enshrines these ladies stories by its indoctrination. Step by step, step by step. Legend Bitva O Mnisek develops while rhythmically marching instrumental outbursts and accenting vocal duet denotes a significant moments.