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The northern winds are so adamant

August 29, 2018
The Konsortium - Rogaland

The noise of distant winds, the rustling of thoughts and a close fire are combined with the rhythmic ritual of a priest, who begins the The Konsortium - Rogaland album with LagInnferd ritual introduction, the culminating fierce and dense stream of the Skogen musical rabies, concentrating the narrative in the dominant musical image, enveloping vocal reflections with majestic bedspreads. Following the rampant power and furious gusts of music is complemented by a clear epic trends, progressive influence and majestic notes of the legendary breath of ancient legends.
The singing of birds and soft acoustic guitar motifs separate the songs, but Fjella breaks in with unrestrained power, more adhering to the majestic motifs that completed the previous composition. Clean vocals elevate the majesty of the narrative to an unknown level, rejecting sudden arguments.
Beginning with a furious impetuous drive, Stormen weaves a fascinating combination of various musical streams, complementing the screaming with sublime phrases of clear vocals and unrestrained drive with so marvelous anthems. Starting again with impetuous drive, the Hausten vocals complement the sound with meditations, concentrating the musical canvas around their narration. But in the instrumental part, the guitar solo invokes an impetuous drive, the vocal only complements it with its own experiences.
The epic component of the narrative, the intertwined influence of progressive delicacies, comes to the forefront of the Arv composition, wringing its sublime motifs with the majestic desires of ancient legends.
Havet runs farther into the narrative of fairy tales, vocal rejects screaming screaming, combining combative harsh with brooding clean phrases. In the instrumental part, a majestic epic ballad arises, for which it was worth listening to the album ... and it is worth re-listening!
Some melodies and motifs in the album hides and returnes again, but Utferd have embodied the leitmotif of the story, for which it was worth listening to the entire album - but after the introduction, there is an obscure musical sacrament, tying various ideas together ... in a short passage, after which the presentation is so unclear.