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The next day sometimes changes everything

September 04, 2020
Manyac - Death Sentence For Tomorrow

The title track, shortened to D.S.F.T. acronym, starts the Manyac - Death Sentence For Tomorrow album with an inspiring and immersive sound, captivating with tempo variations and an impressive combination of vocals and music. The Tears Of Baghdad seems to continue the sound of the previous composition, complementing its musical image with shades of oriental motives.
By pumping up the rhythmic pulsations of the procession, the March Of The Dead then accelerates the tempo of the musical narration. But with the introduction of vocals, the music returns to a mid-tempo march, ending the vocal phrases with an enchanting guitar solo. The vocals begin the Fuck Them! intro with a fierce growling, but then morph into rampant rebellion. The artistic guitar solo intro creates an atmosphere of anticipation of greatness, next the Leadershit composition sounds like a mid-tempo anthem, alternating vocal severity and guitar artistry. ...And The Loop Swings In The Wind seems to continue the previous composition, walking in stubbornness and confidence.
The Conclave Of Demons pacifies the musical tempo even more before the mid-tempo march procession, confidently and persistently rolling the track of the musical canvas before the vocal severity, complementing the paramount harsh with a background approach to growling. The screeching of racing cars calls for a frenzy of unrestrained speed of the Speed Campaign meteoric drive. The announcer announces that "German troops are planning to go to war" ... but then the music of the final composition of the album Into The War rolls in waves of battle march, complemented by fierce vocal anger.