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The nature of ultimate destruction

September 29, 2021
Blade of Surtr - Violent Nature

Gloomy, violently and powerfully the Throne Of Ice music and vocals are combined in the rapid dance of their combination, then the pace and drive in the chorus thought. The Morning Star composition continues the sound of the Blade of Surtr - Violent Nature album of the twilight haze of the mysterious fairy tale. The guitar solo of intro retreats before the persistent mid-tempo the Gods of Destruction march, harshly and significantly rolling musical waves.
Specifying mysterious guitar riffs already in intro, The Forest Ritual fascinates the gloomy mystery of the ancient fairy tale. Suck the mysterious announcement of the warlock in introduction, the Crown The Demons music captures the variability and artistry of sound. The sound of the Lilith composition is enveloped by the echoes and the atmosphere of the dark ancient fairy tale.
Music and vocals are intertwined in the union of the artistry of the Dealer Of Death musical image, although the sound of a guitar solo in intro sets the direction of development of the leitmotif. The Witch Of The Wood song rushes in the shimmering racing of the rapid drive.
The sound of the Erebos composition carries out the expanses of mysterious fairy tales and fascinating discoveries. The Behold The Burning Blade track completes the album with a powerful militant music march of intro, continuing as a rapid musical thriller.