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The narration of fairy tales is like breathing for him

September 29, 2020
Stormtide - A Skalds Tale (EP)

The The Green Duck song starts the Stormtide - A Skalds Tale (EP) album with full of folk melodies that sound like they were ripped straight out of English taverns circa the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries. The vocals then hardens from playful screaming to harsh and harsh growling, then repeating this alternation over and over again and combining vocal styles in a duet. But then the fun of the taverns evokes the dreamy tunes of the clean vocals of the visitors who apparently have tasted all the drinks.
Sea winds evoke memories of sea romance, memories of wanderings and adventures, fusing alternation and combination of vocal styles in the Conquer The Straits pirate ballad. The title track A Skalds Tale fully realizes its name, combining the tunes of the bard with the chime of the strings of an acoustic guitar.
The Visions Of Ragnarok song focus more on traditional sounding folk rhythms, utilizing keyboard patches that sound like lutes and classical strings. The drums are mostly punkish double kick patterns with a few double bass bursts here and there. When the keys are belting out some type of folk ditties, they’re used to incorporate a wall of orchestral background music, hence the symphonic element to the band’s music. The final composition of the album Ale Sea again returns to the nautical theme, but it sounds like sailors celebrating their successful trips in the tavern.